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The Limited Release "Lioness" is a feathery three-dimensional everyday lash.

She gives length without extreme thickness and flatters any eye shape.

 If you know the traits of a magestic Leo you will understand why we have named this limited release the Lioness- During our season, it is truly our time to shine, we are allowed to add a touch of excitement and drama to our lives.

 The Leo is generous and extremely grand in their gestures. The warmth, generosity, and love they offer are addictive.

Do you feel like you need these lashes yet?

-100% Siberian Mink Fur

-Handmade on a cotton band never any chemical processing or dyes

-Creuelty Free

-Length is 1cm

-Incredibly soft, flexible & lightweight, these beauties can be worn up to 25x

  with the proper care.


  • We ship everywhere! Orders typically ship within 3 days.

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