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The perfect lash to complete any fierce make-up look. Carnival is part of our magnetics collection - which means that she is best used with our signature magnetic eyeliner. {Can also be used with lash glue if you do not use eyeliner.}


100% advanced silk protein fiber (No animal hair)
Handmade on a cotton band with magnets
Always creuelty Free
Length is 1.5 cm

Incredibly soft, flexible & lightweight, these beauties can be worn up to 25x with the proper care.

~Carnival~ 3D Silk

  • 1. Trim the magnetic lashes to fit your eye shape

    2. Draw a long, line across the root of your natural eyelashes on the eyelid with our signature magnetic eyeliner. (Two coats works best)

    3. Allow the eyeliner to become semi-dry (This is when the magnetic effects are at their best)

    4. Apply the magnetic lashes to the lash line, making sure to press them against your natural lashes.

    5. Snap a picture! #spraylaviehbg to be featured! 

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