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Is winter weather doing a number on your beautiful skin? Enter the coconut oil exfoliating glove! This tropical scented dream come true exfoliates the skin, improving texture reducing ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and scar tissue. With normal use, this glove can reduce inflammation in the body and promote collagen & elastin production by accelerating new skin cell development. But wait...the best part: Use of this glove helps to remove old tanners/bronzers to provide a squeaky clean base for future tan applications.


Material: Polyester

Addition: Coconut oil

Made in China

Coconut Oil Infused Exfoliating Glove

  • 1. Draw yourself a luxurious bath or steam shower and allow your skin to absorb the warm water for a minimum of five minutes. (No bubble bath or body soaps)

    2. With the glove on your hand, starting at your feet and working your way upwards towards your heart, exfoliate both legs in a circular motion with slightly firm pressure. Next, exfoliate your tummy, sides, and lower back, with all motions moving towards your heart. With a slightly lighter pressure, exfoliate your breasts and chest before scrubbing both arms, starting at the hands and moving inward. *Never use this product on the face*

    3. Rinse your body with warm water and dry off. Only use moisturizers or body oil if you will not be having a tanning service.

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