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The ultra-glam Georgette lashes are named after my grandmother, they have a certain je ne sais quoi-  an indescribable beauty. Just like their namesake. These 3D silk protein lashes are dark, incredibly shiny, and gorgeous on. The band on these lashes is a little thicker and shinier than our mink lash collection so they take a little more work shaping to your eye- but once they are on, they are ON!

(Remember that when you are removing faux silk lashes- a touch of eye make-up remover or micellar water on a q-tip is your friend)


100% advanced silk protein fiber (No animal hair)
Handmade on a durable band
Always cruelty-Free
Length is 1.5 cm

Incredibly soft, durable & shiny these beauties can be worn up to 25x with the proper care.

~Georgette~ 3D Silk

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