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Goodbye, bedhead! Silky, frictionless satin protects against frizz, tangles & tugging on your hair.  The Kitsch satin pillowcase helps to tame frizz & reduce hair breakage by creating less friction while you sleep.


Smooth, breathable satin can help fight skin creases, blemishes & irritation so you can wake up fresh-faced.


There's always a cool side of the pillow. Satin regulates temperatures to keep you dry & comfy all night.


600 Thread-Count

Color: Ivory



Kitsch Satin Pillowcase

  • Nearly 90% of participants say this is the best pillowcase they’ve ever used

    97.5% of participants were extremely satisfied with this pillowcase

    95% of participants said they prefer this product over cotton pillowcases 

    92.5% of participants said they felt like their hair looked and felt less tangled in the morning after using this pillowcase

    87.5% of participants said they felt cool all night while sleeping on this pillowcase

    *Results from a survey study involving 40 participants over a 30 day period


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