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5 Things I'm Loving Right Now August 2020

You might see a pattern in my August Round-up- summer is coming to an end and we have jumped headfirst into first grade through distanced learning in our house. That means back to early mornings and the need for a lot of CAFFEINE for this Mama. So, I have compiled my current favorites and necessities into this post and I hope you enjoy!

1. This has to be a current favorite of all of the things listed in my online store right now- The first of my August Round-Up, is something that seems so simple but has been so perfect for me. Since I have been slowly getting back to work, and venturing out in general, it has been nice to keep my keys easy to access without having to lug my 400lb never full everywhere I go. I can slide the bangle on my arm and be in and out in a hot minute. The vegan leather and all-metal clasp are also easy for me to sanitize so this is a busy Mom's dream. Oh! And it comes in pink, too- Getchu one HERE

2. Have you hopped on the powdered collagen train yet? I had been taking collagen off and on for a while until I found this one. I am seriously in love with these Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Want more youthful-looking skin? Yes! Need a little joint support? Uhm, yeah as a matter of fact I do. These support skin elasticity, hair & nail health and let's face it, I'll use anything that says it'll make me look younger- so in my coffee you go! I have to add, that this brand is by far the best dissolving and the unflavored one is exactly that..unflavored. You could put this in a bottle of water and it would disappear. ☕ I also really love the flavored collagen waters & the blueberry mint is my current fav. Find them HERE. for your daily dose of beauty.

3. I can't even with this Urban Decay highlighter. I think I may actually have a problem.?!? You don't even want to know how many highlighters I have in my bathroom right now. Whether I am attempting a full-on glam make-up look -or- going for something more subtle. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! I had a hard time deciding my favorite, but this is definitely in my top 5 - so I'm adding it to my August RU. :) Did that even make sense???

Ok, great. I'm getting to the point. I swear. You can sweep a small amount of this wonder dust on your collar bone, or use it as your everyday highlighter on your nose and cheekbones. I love it- and you can always find it at Ulta! :)

4. I am seriously obsessed with Verb energy bars lately, they are so freaking good! I carry these around with me everywhere I go, they're such an essential and have the same amount of caffeine as an espresso. Here's the best part, though: 90 calories! FRTho I get the pick me up that I need in a totally crave-able snack. They really do taste good! Verb is offering a starter kit currently where you can get a full-sized bag of the flavor of your choice + one each of all other flavors for $25. It's such an incredible deal and I love every single one, the coconut chai is by my fav though. Enjoy!

5. My last necessary infatuation this month is my B-12 Awake Patches from The Good Patch. I have been "patching up" nearly every day since I received my first order. So far, I have to say that I think the hype is REAL. I've got energy, feel great and I love that these are cruelty-free and full of really great ingredients like B12 and green tea extract. Initially, I was looking at a different brand, mostly because they had cute patterns on the patches and I liked the look of them but ultimately The Good Patch had better ingredients... so I'm rocking a clear patch that isn't as exciting, but oh well. 🍸 I also ordered a set of the Rescue Patch (for hangovers) and will keep ya'll updated on those soon. (With the stress of Hellfires in California and a Cat 4 Hurricane in Tx ... maybe sooner rather than later.)

Cheers, Ya'll!

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