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Foam Sweet Foam

Has it been three damn days since you've seen the sun? Lack of Vitamin D got you down? Same, Guuurl, Same! Sadly, I cannot offer you a trip to somewhere tropical, but what I can do is tell you 'bout my wintertime BFF, my Extreme Mousse by Brown Suga Spray Tans.

This product literally smells Ahhhhhmazing, is light & soft without ever being oily. The best part- It dries quickly so I never have to worry about color transfer. (That means I can apply this liquid gold in the morning and throw my clothes on without ever having to worry about stains!!!!) Seriously, this mousse looks SO Natural, I love how it's taking the "Fake" out of fake tanning.

For those who know me personally, you know that I was a licensed Esthetician and for me to put it on my skin and to love it this much, it has to be luxury sunless meets next level skincare. This stuff hits ALL of the marks for me!

This tanning product might be a little bit more expensive than some of the self-tanning foams out there, ($30) but this stuff really IS worth it. I use it probably on average 2x per week and one bottle lasts me two or three weeks this time of year. I go through it a little bit faster during the summer because of the fact that it is build-able and can be doubled-up when I want to be more tan.

Don't forget- this mousse can be used in conjunction with an existing spray tan -or- by itself for an all-over glow. Want some? Head to our online shop to order your very own bottle of liquid gold, I promise, you won't be sorry!


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