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January, why you gotta be so cold?

I'm seriously looking forward to the lunar eclipse coming this week, not only is it a lunar eclipse, it's also a super blood moon - rising in Leo. 🦁 Hoping it'll be exactly what I need to give me a Jumpstart and realign my focus. It's weird, I feel like I have been putting so much effort into the making of this website and so little into most everything else that I need to find more balance...and I seriously, seriously need to do some laundry. You know what they say about the Blood Moon, it can completely transform your life. (but can it wash my sheets, I wonder) ....

This weather is KILLING ME. I woke up this morning and thought I was actually seeing a hint of blue skies. . It was still foggy and damn cold, but I put on my running shoes and went for it. I'm not sure if I needed the run more, or if my dog did but geeeeez did it feel good to be outside. I don't think I've seen the sun shine in 10 days. Turned out that I didn't see it today either, it started raining on us halfway back from our adventure. ☔☔☔ I guess it was worth it since it was the first time all week that my Google Fit didn't ask me to re-evaluate my daily goals 😜

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