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Miss Cat's Zinfandel Cranberry Sauce

I love Thanksgiving, there isn't one single component to the holiday that I don't absolutely look forward to all year long. I love the nostalgia of looking through old family recipes and the excitement of finding new ones. I've never been able to choose a favorite dish for Thanksgiving, but cranberry sauce has always been high on my list. Something else I'm kinda into ... Drinking Zinfandel! I pledged my undying love for Zin a long time ago so why shouldn't the two go hand in hand ... sounds like a holiday to me. :) If you think you aren't fond of cranberries, try this, you might just change your mind. If you don't like Zinfandel- well, we simply can't be friends.

Here's to your holiday table being full of wonderful dishes and even better memories, no matter how strange this year may seem.

Much Love,

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