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Mother's Day Brunch

I don't know about ya'll but Mother's Day my way consists of all of my Mama's favorites: bottomless mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice, a few desserts

and of course, eggs Benedict. If these ideas don't get your Mom's Day off to a delicious start, I don't know what will... Although we have not yet decided if Mother's Day 2020 will take place in person, social distancing in place- or via Zoom calls- I can assure you that it will be next level.

Mom's Day Brunch- It has become kind of a tradition in our family. We all get together, start drinking Champagne early in the day - and we simply enjoy each other. Typically the weather here in California is perfect, we can dine al fresco and didn't I say...there are ALWAYS Mimosas?

Really though, the main event is the Eggs Benedict: This is my Mama's choice every damn-year. The recipe I use is from epicurious and you can find it here . Make this. Make it now! Your brunch besties will love you!

I am following this up with a few of my favorite accoutrements for brunch:

~Bouille Cake~ If you want to know how I would layer the bouille in this recipe e-mail me!

I truly hope that this Mother's Day finds you able to celebrate yourself, your Mom, and all of the moms out there - from whatever distance you choose.

My advise? - make sure you treat Mom in style and don't forget to tell her how much you love her.

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