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SLV Babes Box October 2019 {Karma is A BITCH}

It's October! The sights and smells of fall are EVERYWHERE - Believe me, it looks like Hobby Lobby exploded in my house RN and I'm writing this amid the smell of Pumpkin Spice Everything!

I would like to present to you: {The Karma is A BITCH Box} This month's subscription addiction is coming atcha with a bit of a sassy flair - because Karma really is a Biotch.

First, the lashes! We are launching MAGNETICS! Our 1st collection brings the Dixie Lash in 3D Silk, Dixie is our new favorite everyday lash style, she is natural, light & easy to apply. The perfect lash to complete any daytime make-up look. Dixie is part of our magnetics collection - which means that she is best used with our signature magnetic eyeliner. (Which we have added to your box, along with lash tweezers!)

Next, I've added for ya'll, our Karma Layered Necklace.

It wouldn't be a Karma box without a cute karma saying, now would it? The message is "What goes around comes around" gee, who knew I could be so prolific? The best part - these are part of a super-cute collection of gift-able accessories, launching just in time for the holidays!

I just HAD TO include our Peyton Anti-Blue Light Glasses. These have been everywhere lately, I have seen so many testimonials from those of us who stare at a screen for hours a day. If you have not tried these yet, you need to! 

I have also included for you fall loving ladies, SLV Babes Plaid Hair Band OK, these are EVERYTHING. And are a true limited release: for this month only- and for Subscribers only! I got my hands on these a while ago and was waiting for the perfect time to send them out, they have a wire inside so you can style them in so many ways. I got a few different patterns and each of you will be getting a surprise color, but they are all plaid, all the time! I am SO channeling my inner Cher Horowitz in these. I will post photos below of how to style the plaid hair bands, since they are not available online.

Another of my obsessions this month is the Karma is A BITCH Slim Can Koozie Ok, I don't want to brag- but I made these, Ya'll! They are unique, super cute & they keep your White Claw cold for dayssssssss! The cactus design is really fun and actually you can use this koozie to dress up a bottle of water, slim can beer and a red bull too!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this ~ but more importantly, I really do hope that you enjoy this month's SLV Box. I have put a ton of energy into finding products I can stand behind, that will hopefully make your lives a little bit better. That being said, I am always open to your feedback. If you like it, love it or hate it - all reviews help me to make these boxes better each month.

Not a subscriber yet? Join our squad here!

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