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SLV Babes Box April 2019 {Champagne Wishes}

I've been working diligently to put together the Premiere SLV Babes box for ya'll. I would like to introduce to you: The Champagne Wishes Box This month's box features ultra feminine products with a touch of pink champagne. 

First, I have included our flagship lash, The Catalina 3D Mink, This lash has a special place in my heart because it was our very 1st product, EVER. {P.S.this super luxe, fluffy glam lash is sure to be your fav too}

Next, I found for your summertime sippin' the Flexi Stemless Champagne flute set. I am slightly obsessed with

theses babies because they are durable, flexible and can accommodate an eight-ounce pour apiece! Did you hear that? UNBREAKABLE ~ If you've met my 5 year old son, Maverick, surely you can understand the appeal.

Ready to have a salon perfect manicure in minutes? Let me also introduce to you, Clutch Nails. These high-quality press-on nails last 1-2 weeks, are reusable & non-damaging. The Pink Champagne set are pink with gold shimmer and are GLOSSY BABY!

Lastly, I have included in your box  every girl's night time essential: a silk sleep mask  because really, we all need a good night's sleep, right? These masks are 100% silk and will do wonders for you, I promise.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this - but more importantly I really do hope that you enjoy this month's SLV Box. I have put a ton of energy into finding products I can stand behind, that will hopefully make your lives a little bit better. That being said, I am always open to your feedback. If you like it, love it or hate it - all reviews help me to make these boxes better each month.

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