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SLV Babes Box October 2020 {Hey Darlin'}

October is almost over... how did this happen?

The theme for this month's Babes Box: {Hey Darlin'} really just speaks to me, ya dig? If you know me - you know I'm a sucker for a southern drawl, reminds me of my Mom, reminds me of my roots. (Our roots have recently been discovered via 23&Me and lemme tell you, they were kind of a SHOCK) But that's a story for another time. :)

These have made an appearance before, and for good reason. The Platinum Lashes in 3D Mink are like a little black dress. You can never go wrong with the perfect LBD, just like you can never go wrong with a great set of lashes. I wear these with an everyday minimal make-up look - but the Platinum lashes are elegant enough for a full-on glam look too. And the best part? these babies can be worn up to 25x if you take good care of them!

I felt the Perfect Pout Lip Mask would be a great accompaniment to this month's package because if there is one part of my body that needs a little TLC it's my lips. OMG is anyone else living their best-masked life and learning firsthand about "maskne"? I swear I did not make that up, issa thing!! Anyway, these ultra-hydrating collagen lip masks are great for a quick lip pick me up.

Are you on day 3 since you washed your hair? Maybe you've gone through half a bottle of dry shampoo this week, 'cuz SAME. That's why I added these Leave A Little Sparkle Hair Ties to your October box. Considering the fact that I have only styled my hair like 3 times in the last 3 months these literally have been like my new BFF. I love how these hair ties are completely ouchless and they are tied in a little knot that sort of looks like a bow when you wear a high pony. So, so cute, ya'll!

One more thing I am completely crushing on this month is this 0two0 Velvet Shaping Lipstick. I was torn on the theme for this month and went back and forth between breast cancer awareness and Mean Girls, the movie

however, I just couldn't pull either of them off, SO here we are with this "Darling" shade of pink in your October boxes. See what I did there??? At least I make myself laugh.

Is this Darlin' graphic-T cute or what?? I love these super soft cotton teeshirts because they are flattering, fit true to size, and of course, they're made in the heart of Texas. Not to mention the fact that they give me all sorts of Dolly Vibes! These are such a great fall transition piece too, they're just lightweight enough and look really adorable under a flannel or denim jacket.

Lastly, these will not need much introduction since you'll be able to smell the essential oils the minute you open your box! I have added a Stuffed Up Shower Scent Steamer. This soothing little cube is something that has really been getting me through those cold mornings when I hop into a nice hot shower and ahhhhh, it's like walking into a day spa.

If you've never tried these before, they are fool-proof. Just unwrap the cube and place it on the floor in the corner of your shower where a little water will hit it and allow the steam to activate the aromatherapy. I have to admit, I intended these to be a gift for someone else but decided to give them a try and I am so glad that I did! let me know your thoughts after you give it a try because I am considering stocking these along with their bath salts.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this ~ but more importantly, I really hope that you enjoy this month's SLV Babes Box. I have put a ton of energy into finding products I can stand behind, that will hopefully make your lives a little bit better. That being said, I am always open to your feedback. If you like it, love it or hate it - all reviews help me to make these boxes better each month.

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