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SLV Babes Box - What is it?

I have gotten a ton of questions lately regarding the SLV Babes Box - most of you want to know what exactly it is. Well here goes:

SLV Babes Boxes are the ultimate Lifestyle Subscription Box.

*The SLV Babes Box Subscriber gets a monthly surprise "gift" box delivered to your door for $24

*Each themed box includes a fun mix of full or trial sized beauty products, early releases of our 3D mink lashes & fashion accessories (such as jewelry, hats, etc) Each item tailored to and appropriate for the season! .... Not to mention 100% curated by me!

The last few boxes have contained 4-5 items and have been valued at $85 or more.

Each and every product that I include in these boxes is hand selected and well thought out because I truly do want to make your lives a little bit better - one subscription box at a time. And really, who doesn't love to receive presents in thew mail?

Not a subscriber yet? Join our squad here!

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