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Tanning Is Now Safe??

Tanning Is Now Safe

People always ask me why I use self tanning products year round, and pretty much on the daily. Well, I asked myself, Is it safe to get a "base tan" in the summer? Uhhhhm, No!!!! There is no safe amount of outdoor or indoor tanning. Now, don't get me wrong my high school job was at a tanning salon, and I was probably the most tanned 16 year old you'd ever see. {But at that juncture- I was not too concerned with the collagen in my skin}

Tanning isn't bad for you just because it comes with the risk of burning, which can cause SKIN CANCER. Tanning is bad for you because your body doesn't even begin to tan until dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays have pierced your skin and started to mess with your DNA. 

There's really no such thing as safe tanning, other than … using self tanning products.

Dermatologists break down the dangerous portion of UV light into two categories: UV-A and UV-B. Both cause the kind of DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer, but UV-A in particular can contribute to a second problem: It breaks down the natural collagen in the skin, which can lead to premature aging. Collagen is the support structure for the skin. Without the support structure, skin wrinkles, thins and weakens, taking on a papery appearance.

No anti-aging product, even the dermatologist-recommended ones, can slow skin aging as much as simply using sunscreen in the first place, and to prevent these kinds of problems, dermatologists recommend everyone (light- or dark-skinned) use sunscreen (broad-spectrum products, or clearly marked as protecting against both UV-A and UV-B) year-round. UV-B exposure increases in the summer and decreases in the winter, but UV-A exposure occurs year-round. And both forms of UV light can pierce clouds and cause damage on cloudy days.

So, this Ya'll is why I LIVE FOR my tanning mousse. I use it pretty darn close to everyday and I feel better having a tan and knowing that i'm doing it in the safest way possible.

Much love,


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