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Delivery Day

Today was the day I knew I'd be receiving shipments of both my 1st large order of clothing for the site but Lashes also. I can't even express the excitement and nervous energy that I've felt the last few days. I pretty well knew what to expect from the Lash wholesaler, because I had ordered samples previously, however the clothes were a different story. I have been looking at the photos online, thinking about my purchases. .then rethinking them. But TODAY they arrived. I was actually a little too nervous to even open the giant ass box. I set it on the counter and just kinda stared at it for a while. Finally I moved it to my guest bedroom so I wouldn't be gawking at it anymore. I got to cooking dinner and tried to forget about it. How strange it is that I have been obsessing over this package and its contents for days and now I'm avoiding it like crazy..

Well I won't leave y'all in suspense any longer. I OPENED THE BOX. and guess what. I loved all of the merchandise that I had chosen, the quality was great and each piece was present and accounted for. ♥

I suppose this makes it pretty damn real. I've paid for this website.. All of the money I have is tied up in these pieces of clothing and beauty products, so now what? I guess we'll find out. I also hope that you follow along.

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