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SLV Babes Box February 2022 {Life of the Mardi}

It's Mardi Gras, everybody! I know I say every holiday is my favorite, but this one really is. I mean, how could it not be? Mardi Gras revolves around good food, music, king cake... and it is totally acceptable to drink on a Tuesday. Pretty much checks all of the boxes for this Cajun girl right here. Let me introduce you to The Life of the Mardi.

Since I was feeling festive, I have released the {⚜} Just like any true star, these go by nothing more than a symbol. Get them now, they won't be around by the time we're repenting for our sins and figuring out what to give up for lent. :) I have been wearing these lashes nonstop since they came in, they're a great length: not crazy long, but just glam enough. These beauties can be worn up to 25x if you take good care of them! Not a pro at lash application? No worries, read my tips and tricks HERE.

Ok, how cute are these mardi gras tassel earrings? I thought these were so perfect- they're fun, festive, and easy to throw on with a plain t-shirt during the season- or with a cute dress for someone who is.... wait for it.... The Life of The Mardi! I am always on board with accessories that can do both, and these are them. Best part? They are so lightweight you won't remember that you are wearing them. Until you get your first compliment, that is. :)

Is it even Carnival season if you aren't wearing something sparkly? I think not. Well, I will be wearing this exact top on Fat Tuesday because Pour me something > Throw me something. Am. I. Right? I may need to plan a sweater tho, because that sunny weather I was talking about seems to have gone by the wayside. Cheers nonetheless.

Do you need a little something-something to help you relax when the time comes to repent? I may not be out there on the frontlines pushing kids out of the way to catch my beads - but hey, a little R&R is still necessary. I plan on using this purple bath bomb for just that occasion. And it is lavender scented. Peel the plastic off of this baby, pop it into a hot bath and let everything else wait. Because you are R-E-L-A-X-I-N-G. -or- Repenting. Hey, it's none of my business. :)

I am grateful for each and every one of you who subscribe to the SprayLaVie Subscription Service, and I am thankful that you are here.

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