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SLV Babes Ultimate Guide to Falsies

For about as far back as I can remember, I have been wearing false lashes. If I have make-up on, I'm wearing lashes. My motto: Tired? Add lashes. Hangry? Nah, you just need lashes! Moody? Add lashes...... I'm sure you can see where I am going with this. :) N-E-Ways, whether you've been wanting to try them, but haven't had the nerve -or- you've been wearing lashes for years - read on for my

Ultimate Guide to Falsies!

~What You Need To Know~

Types of Lashes:

1. Strip Lashes

These are the most commonly used form of false lashes. (And for good reason) They have many lashes attached to a strip (or band) which you glue to your lash line.

2. Individual Lashes

Individual clusters of lashes make these more natural looking, though WAY more time consuming. These are also glued to your lash line. {Sorry Folks! That's the end of me talking about individual lashes unless you want to hear a super-cool story about me; circa 2005 applying individuals on a live model during my state board exam for Esthetics.... with the instructor standing over me the ENTIRE TIME & making me practically sweat my own lashes off. So, either way, I've been traumatized by these things and there's just no place in my life for them. {You may notice the remainder of this blog post refers to strip lashes primarily}

What They're Made Of:

~Mink (Fur from a mink) The most expensive, but the most natural looking

~Silk (Silk fibers or a mix of silk & synthetic)

~Synthetic Materials (Often made from plastics) The least expensive.

Synthetic lashes are often mass produced, cheap looking, & too shiny. In my opinion, these look fake, and are not flexible so they don't stay put when glued to your lash line. Sorry - But - If you wear synthetic ANYTHING.... IDFWY

Next Up: The Tools Of The Trade:

My preferred glue of choice is DUO Dark Lash Glue. I absolutely LOVE this stuff... TBH I wouldn't do much for a Klondike Bar, but it might surprise ya'll what I'd do for the last one of these on the shelf! Order it HERE from Ulta -or- HERE from Target.

I have about 854 of these lash applicators, they're really cute, look great on my bathroom counter, but for day to day, I use my tweezers for lash applications. Especially since I use tweezers to remove my lashes from their compact, it just makes sense to use them as an all-in-one tool.

BTW have you sanitized your make-up tools lately? Read my blog post about how to HERE.

One more thing! Mascara. This is totally a personal preference. I usually apply a little mascara on my top and bottom lashes prior to applying my falsies. But very little, just enough to darken my natural lashes.


1. Gently remove the lashes from their compact with tweezers or lash tool.

2. Take each lash strip and bend it in both directions to loosen it up and get it ready to form to your eye shape.

*Pro Tip: This is a good way to tell the quality of the lashes- if they are pliable, they're made on a quality cotton band!

3. Apply each lash "dry" or without glue to each eye so you can gauge where they need to be trimmed down.

4. Use scissors to trim each strip lash to fit your eyes.

5. Apply a thin layer of lash glue along the entire lash band. (Of the first lash)

6. Wave the lash in the air like Forrest Gump waving at Lt Dan. ...If you're more normal, just wait 30 seconds or so for the glue to become tacky.

7. Apply the lash directly at the base of your your natural lashes. Center as much as possible.

8. Using your tool/tweezers line up the inner corner of the lash strip to your natural inner lashes. Repeat with the outer most corner.

9. I know it sounds funny- but blink a few times ... does it feel comfortable? Look natural? If so-

10. Hold the lashes in place for a few seconds so the glue can dry.

.....Repeat steps 5-10 on the second eye, with your 2nd lash....

*Pro Tip: If you're going to wear lashes, carry glue with you! Even if you swear you won't need it - someday, YOU WILL. There are some people who can't live unless they have purse chapstick, car chapstick, bathroom chapstick. Well, that's pretty much me but with my DUO lash glue. You can ask me at any given time, on any given day for my lash glue- and I can produce. ~ But don't bother asking me for a dollar, I never carry cash. :)

Shop our most popular lash styles HERE

I hope this lash guide was helpful... ya'll know I always welcome feedback. What else do you want to know? Lash removal tips? How-to guide for Magnetic lashes? Tell me your horror stories about state board exams...Let me know here: e-mail me

Xoxo, Miss Catahula

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