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First Month Down

January 31st. It has been exactly one month since I launched this site. It feels as if I've been doing this for an eternity, ironically. When I came up with the idea for SprayLaVie Healdsburg the concept was to have a Lifestyle Boutique online that is well stocked with pretty much anything I can come up with to make you feel beautiful- to give you that confidence that makes you glow.

I started out researching luxury sunless tanning products and mink eyelashes ~ probably my 2 favorite products on earth! The rest is sort of history. SLVHbg has become such a great outlet for me as well as a source of expression. I'm hoping that I can make all of my customers feel like fiends, like the products that I am passionate about were chosen just for them.

My other goal is that things are affordable, yet high-end. I want you to feel like you are getting the best of the best but not to feel guilty for treating yourself. {That is the main reason that my initial vision never had a brick & mortar store-front}

Anyway, I am pleased to say that my VERY FIRST Sell Out happened this week, the Kristen lash. I think it is actually my fav lash style - so If you don't have them yet....ya have to wait for the RESTOCK. :) If you did order them- Thank you for supporting this little passion project of mine. I sure do appreciate you.

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