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Quarentine Gift Ideas

Although it may feel like every-damn thing in the entire world has been abolished, I have been thinking about all of the things that cannot be cancelled, like birthdays, anniversaries, so many other special occasions...or the need to remind someone that you love them! I think it's safe to say that we all know someone who is stuck at home, practicing social distancing, and that we MISS LIKE CRAZY! Obviously sending a little care package could never replace good old fashioned quality time, but hey, it's better than nothing!

SO, here is my round-up of the best gifts to send a loved one during this time of isolation.

(If your initials are JSW some of these could be hints.) :)

1. Wine, Duh! This may be an obvious one, I mean we all need more wine, right? Especially right now- so here are my top picks!

For anyone who knows me personally, you know that David Coffaro Winery is pretty much my second home. I spend as much time there as I do with my family, in fact they are my pretty much my 2nd family. There really isn't a single wine that I do not like, but more specifically anything from the 2017 vintage is my J-A-M. Try the '17 RaiZin... you won't be sorry! Click Here to order something special for someone you love!

Benefits: $20 flat rate for shipping & a 40% discount for wine club members

Use code: 25Off for a 25% discount if you are not yet a member.

Trattore Farms. Ya'll I love this winery! Not only is this the place where we bring all out of town guests for the stellar views, aka: perfect photo ops - but the wine is great, too. I noticed that they also have a few specials going on right now where you can mix n' match your own box with their wines & olive oils. See the deals HERE.

And, if you would like to see the slideshow of our family photo bloopers staged on their spectacular deck, just send me an e-mail. :)

Need even more wine? Yeah, me too! You know what you should try... The Wine Guerrilla Conte Vineyard Zin from 2018. I may be a bit biased but in my opinion, it's the best of the best. :) Maybe it could be because I hand harvested those grapes, who knows! Actually, I have come to love all the wines here and for anyone with a mermaid heart like mine - the wine in a can would make an exceptional quarentine surprise gift! Order yours or their curated care package HERE.

2. Send spirits - to raise spirits! There are so many cool new distilleries out there and how fun would it be to send the gift of small-batch spirits. I'm thinking the harvest gin is looking pretty damn good right about now and this completely supports my efforts to support small. Benefits: Free Hand Sanitizer with purchase, need. I. Say. More.? Shop The Distillery Here

3. Door Dash Gift Certificates. If we're being honest who doesn't want to receive food, right? I know I would appreciate this one. This would be such a great way to connect those you love, with the food they love! Order Door Dash gift cards HERE.

4. My Next Level Nesting Bundle!

Would I be me if there wasn't some sort of SLV plug? Nope. I am excited to tell ya'll about the next-level nesting bundle I put together here on the site. The original bundle has an at home manicure kit, a silk sleep mask & a Korean beauty sheet mask.

Benefits: Not only are these bundles fully customizable, they are a sweet gesture for someone special that you can't be connected to in person. Shipping from Healdsburg, CA. Customize one HERE.

Use code: StayIn for 30% OFF!!!

I hope you are all being safe & staying healthy. Much Love!

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