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SLV Babes Box February 2021 {Be My Galentine?}

OK, It's February, which means two of my favorite holidays. Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day. I am always torn between the two this time of the year. Should I be all decked out in purple, green, and gold? Should I be throwing candy hearts around like confetti? I mean, truthfully...YES and YES!! But this month's theme is not about my struggle between the above holidays, it's about YOU. So, will you be my Galentine?

I thought we should all be fluttering our lashes like the smoking hot Mama these were named after- I featured The Laura Lash for my Galentine's day subscriptions, ya'll and I couldn't be happier that I did. I have been guilty of wearing them every day since I put the packages together. If you're looking for a glam 5-D cat-eye effect for V-day, or any day, I've got you covered! These beauties can be worn up to 25x if you take good care of them! Not a pro at lash application? No worries, read my tips and tricks HERE.

Who's up for a little Heart Breaker action this month? I am so into this adorable little palette from I ❤ Revolution. I can't even! The fact that the pans are heart-shaped and this array of colors! It's just so perfect for Galentine's Day. Like neons? Uhhhm, yes! Shimmers? Oh Yeah! IT HAS IT ALL. And it's just so dang cute! I could not have found a better eyeshadow palette if I tried. I hope you will show me what you do with these colors this month. :)

As I mentioned before, this is all about fun girly things for Galentine's. I got my "hands" on a limited release of the Clutch Nails in Bad Barbie. And girls... They're BAD. I am a little obsessed with them, actually. These press-on nails are long, pink, and chromatic. Do you need anything else in life? I think NOT. Currently, I am cooped up in the house (s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w typing due to my killer nails) thinking what an incredible invention at-home manicures are. I'm seriously just mad that I didn't come up with it myself. If you're bored check out my blog post about at-home nails and such HERE.

Are you team red lip or pink for Galentine's Day? I always have a hard time choosing- I love the way a red lip looks on everybody else, but pink is my color, it just matches my skin tone so much better. SO, with that being said, I wanted to give you the choice as well- I found this red lipliner/glitter lipstick duo and hey, it's Galentine's Day, why not add a little sparkle? Now, to figure out how to make my teeth as white as this photograph.....

For those of you leaning towards a pink lip for the love holidays- you probably need this Allen Shaw pink lip cream. It is shiny, creamy, and a little opaque. I will be rocking this shade all month long!

Alright, Alright. The last thing, I promise! Just a cute little purse-sized hand sanitizer scented like Sparkling Rosè. Because you need that, right? I know I did... and I love it. It smells sweet and the packaging is cute.

I am grateful for each and every one of you who subscribe to the SprayLaVie Subscription Service, and I am thankful that you are here. Happy Galentine's Day BABES.

Not a subscriber yet? Join our squad here!

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