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SLV Babes Box July 2020 {Liberty & Justice}

Wow, it's July! This is my very favorite month of the year and typically, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Independence day sure does seem different this year- just like almost everything else 2020 has thrown our way. Liberty and Justice seem to be two words that echo loudly in our world right now, but do we know what they actually mean? I feel that justice is one that speaks for itself- liberty however is a harder one to define. Broadly speaking, LIBERTY is the ability to do as you please... In this sense, the exercise of liberty is subject to capability and limited by the rights of others. Liberty entails the responsible use of freedom under the rule of law without depriving anyone else of their freedom. Anybody need to read that again? I did.

So, I thought I would put my own spin on the notion - This month's subscription's theme is: {Liberty & Justice}

So let's talk about what's in the box, shall we? I have a limited release for you yet again: The Lady Liberty Lash in 3D Mink. Just like Libertas, the Roman goddess of Freedom, these lashes are vibrant, long and lush. I hope that you'll love showing off these Incredibly soft, flexible & lightweight falsies wherever the month of July takes you. And the best part? these babies can be worn up to 25x if you take good care of them!

Last I checked, summertime wasn't canceled, Right!?! If you ask me we all need a great pair of shades, even if the only place we go is to our own backyard! I personally have been living my best life floating around in Maverick's pool with a White claw in one hand and these POP ART Sunnies on my face! There is so much happening in our world and sometimes I just need to decompress a little bit- especially after the media/news overload I've been getting on the daily.

Since Lady Liberty wears a crown, I thought some sort of adornment for all of us was in order. These may not have the seven spikes, representing the 7 oceans & seven continents of this world- but as I said, this is my take on the idea... Does anyone else suddenly really want a 7&7? :) Moving on...

I found these super adorable American flag headbands and I thought they would be so cute for the 4th this year. I am envisioning these with a white swimsuit and the sunglasses above and DONE. I have also seen some fantastic make-up videos posted on Youtube lately with some all American looks with similar headbands as an accessory. SO CUTE!

Playing off of the Red-White-&-Blue theme for the month, I'm adding this coconut creme style sheet mask. This mask is rich, creamy and so soothing after a long day in the sun. Do I really need to say more?

Not a subscriber yet? Join our squad here!

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