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SLV Babes Box June 2020 {Mercury Retrograde}

June is here and it's officially Summer, my dear friends! Now, you all know that I am a perpetual Polly-Anna forever playing the "glad game" and that I'm always ready for that summertime sunshine, but this season has its ups and downs- and Let's Face It: Shit's about to get weird. So, it's time for us show Mercury, that manipulative Lil' sob who's boss with this month's Babes Box: {The Mercury Retrograde}

The irony here is real, you guys. At a time where the whole world seems to be picking up momentum, trying to open back up- it's actually the perfect season for us to slow down and reflect. HAHA, very funny, I know. But that is the push-pull dilemma that is the Mercury Retrograde. ♊

Alright, so let's talk about what's in the box! I have a limited release for you again: The Gemini Lash in 3D Mink. Just like a true Gemini, these lashes are lively, youthful, and fun. You'll love showing off these Incredibly soft, flexible & lightweight falsies. And the best part? these beauties can be worn up to 25x if you take good care of them!

June also means time to flash those perfect summer accessories! Get ready for your new favorite shades: The Harlow Rose Gold Sunnies. These stunning gold sunglasses have a rose gold mirrored front that gives you that Quay Australia look without the crazy price! The lightweight material makes these perfect for everyday wear, or for maybe a getaway in your future?

Also in your June box- I have included a new obsession of mine: Shadow Shields. Ok, so

as I mentioned before, nothing seems to go right for me during a retrograde period, so I am all in for something like this. These moon-shaped shields adhere to the skin either under your eyes (to catch eyeshadow fall-out) -or- under your lips (to catch pigment bleeding). These are my new secret weapon, ya'll for that flawless cat-eye or winged liner.

Continuing on with my current beauty faves- I use my Flawless Pro Contour Brush every single day. If I'm not wearing bronzer, you know something is wrong in the world and this contoured, flame-shaped brush makes it a breeze to sweep bronzer or blush on my forehead and cheekbones. If you want to read about more of my favorite beauty products click HERE.

I'm not done yet- because cleavage wrinkles are REAL, Ya'll! I have also thrown in The SLV Babes Chest Smoothing Patch. I don't know what this has to do with a planetary "backspin" but I thought it might help us all to do a little damage control on our chest / décolleté area. This silicone patch can be worn all night on your chest, it gently compresses to keep your skin flat and smooth, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun exposure and side sleeping. If used regularly, you should see results in just a few weeks and you can continue to use the patch to help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Let's de-stress together! I've read that the Mercury Retrograde can seriously do a number on

that much-needed slumber- so the next two items are a special add-on for the month. I have included a few bags of Chamomile & Lavender herbal tea & a bottle of Calming essential oils. I hope these little additions will help you to wind down, to reduce anxiety- to calm your body and mind. Remember, the essential oils should be used in a carrier oil if used on your body, but will work wonders if you use a few drops in a nice warm bath or hot shower before bedtime.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this ~ but more importantly, I really do hope that you enjoy this month's SLV Box. I have put a ton of energy into finding products I can stand behind, that will hopefully make your lives a little bit better. That being said, I am always open to your feedback. If you like it, love it or hate it - all reviews help me to make these boxes better each month.

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