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SLV Babes Box November 2020 {Wine Not?}

It is crazy to think we have made it to November, isn't it? I'm thinking that we all deserve to toast to the end of 2020, I mean {Wine Not?} I for one plan to power through the next 42 days of this year with a glass of wine in hand and a thankful heart. Yup...Thankful that we will be saying goodbye to the absolute strangest year of my entire life.

As par for the course, let's start with the lashes! I keep a special place in my heart for The Georgette Lashes in 3D Silk This set of 3D silk protein lashes are dark, incredibly shiny, and gorgeous. The band on these ladies is a little thicker than those in our mink lash collection so they take a little more work shaping to your eye- but once they are on, they are ON! I love the look of these so much, they evoke the best memories of my Grandmother, Georgette, and her constant devotion to all things style & beauty.

Since we're talkin' wine, I have added They Whine, I Wine Wishlets. How perfect is this for all my fellow Mamas out there? You may be able to tell I have a slight obsession with these delicate little wish bracelets. I think they are the absolute perfect gift for yourself or someone who needs to "un-wine-d" Ok, I'll stop, I promise. :) Anyway, these are just too cute not to include in this box, especially since they have the sweetest message, they're made in Louisiana and so Happy Wishing, Babes!

I'll admit that this isn't the truest to the theme I've ever been but I have found myself using this stuff like C-R-A-Z-Y so I figured you should be too. I mean who says your face shouldn't be perfectly tan in November, right? Extreme Spritz is the perfect, gentle facial bronzer that can be used regularly to maintain a glowing tanned face. You can either spritz it on alone or use it with your daily skincare routine and man does it elevate your zoom calls, no filter needed! I love the way it makes my skin smell, tooooooo.

A little gift from me to you, here is a set of the absolute perfect tasting glasses. My favorite, stemless set, perfect for a glass of wine after a long day, and there are two! And, if you need a recommendation for what to fill these glasses with, have I got the wine for you! I'm kinda, sorta REALLY feeling the sale wine we're offering at the winery, which is a 100% Petite Sirah, 2017- my current favorite vintage. It's dark, lush- just ridiculously good & It Is On Major Sale. Click here to order yourself some so you can read my tasting notes & check out some fantastic recipes to add to your holiday spread.

I have been wanting to put these into a babes box forever and finally, they fit my theme! This is literally the world's perfect wine opener and I use mine all the time. This is a classic style, the double-hinged waiter's key, and of course, it carries the SLV logo, so it's not only super functional but hey, it'll make you think of me each time you use it. Win- WIn. :)

The last thing I threw in the November box for ya'll is an all-natural gentle cleansing and exfoliating facial puff. If you have sensitive skin that responds to synthetic materials you need to give this a try, so great for clearing out your pores and giving a just gentle enough exfoliation.

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